Friday, December 31, 2010

What are your goals for 2011?

I figure if I make my goals public, I might actually keep them!

My main goals are all about self improvement! I have been feeling like I am in a spiritual rut…

Church has become work, I so miss going to Relief Society and feeling the spirit at church. In primary, I feel like I am on duty, crowd control. I have small moments of sweetness, but overall it is not very uplifting. With not being uplifted at church, and not doing much during the week to feel the spirit, I need a change! A change that starts with me!

I also have a feeling that part of my hair loss issue is due to stress, my hair quit falling out for 1 week, 1 stress free week… The last 3 days I have been feeling the stress of no pay check, no money in the bank… And guess what my hair is falling out again. I got to thinking, the week it started to fall out, Shane told me his job was in the crapper and we would no longer be getting steady pay checks. I am sure the other things in my life ie. HCG and Thyroid contributed, but it seems a little too coincidental that as soon as I find out our livelihood is in jeopardy and then that the expected pay check hasn’t arrived, that I begin to shed like a sheep dog in Spring!

I have always struggled with my weight and this last year I managed to shed 40 pounds. I would still like to lose 25-35 pounds more, I had originally thought I would only ever want to be 25 pounds less than I am now, but now that I am closer to that weight, I see my body still has plenty to shed, so I think 35 is a realistic goal.

I have always wanted to be more athletic, to be able to push past the pain and keep going. I am terrible at mind over matter, when I run and my body says stop, I tend to listen! I want to learn to push myself harder and farther. To be healthy and strong. To kick Shane’s butt wake boarding maybeWinking smile

So my goals are simple, quit trying to control the things I cannot control and focus on the things I can control.

I can control how I spend my time. I can control how much time I spend enriching my spirit.

I can control what I dwell on, I can stress and worry or I can let it be. I haven’t entirely figured out how to do this, but I can try!

I can control the food I eat and the beverages I drink (I still love you Diet Pepsi).

I can control how hard I push myself, I can find the athlete inside of me… Begging to escape my lazy butt!

Maybe 2011 can end with a full head of hair on a healthy fit body! Here’s to you 2011, bring it!

PS 2010 I enjoyed you too, thanks for the good times!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Virtual Christmas Card

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sick me!

I know I have been lazy, but me and my roll of toilet paper are tired and sick. I am hanging out with toilet paper because I used 3 boxes of kleenex… I think I need to go buy some more!

I will find something exciting to blog about soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ummm, did I hear you correctly?

So most of you have heard about my new kitchen experiment… Well tonight was Caleb, who made “The Best Taco Soup in the WORLD” or so he thinks… Everyone loved it (still going bald on HCG so I never had any).

He was a eager beaver, and chatted my ear off (I know I was in Heaven).

But then he says, hey mom next week can you just leave the recipe out so I can do it all by myself?

Really like me sit and watch! You bet Caleb, but I will be in there so we can talk!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Kitchen Experiment

With football season over, it was time to get some help in the house. Chore season! My kids are pretty good at helping out if they know what is expected of them.
While thinking of how to present the new responsibilities I decided I would implement something I have been thinking of for a long time. Getting the kids to help cook regularly, so not only do they learn essential cooking skills but we also get to spend some quality one on one time with each other. We also get the joy of setting the table and unloading the dishwasher.
The instruction is simple, be in the kitchen by 4:30 and if you want to pick what we make I have to know ahead of time – and have the ingredients.
Meliah needless to say, was ecstatic! She choose breakfast burrito, 6 year old style. Which means nothing she might  not like!
Meliah put in the first batch of bacon, but then it got dangerous for little girls, so mom finished.
First you crack the eggsIMG_2841Then you drop it in a bowl. IMG_2842Then you stir them with milk.IMG_2844Melt butter in your panIMG_2845Pour in your eggs.IMG_2846She did 9 eggs. Dad wasn’t home.IMG_2848Scramble them.IMG_2849Wait…IMG_2850Cook the tortilla’sIMG_2851MMMMMMMIMG_2852Remember that mom is on HCG, so no bacon and wraps for her!IMG_2853Set the table.IMG_2854Mmmm Bacon!IMG_2855
Caleb was next, he opted for Enchilada’s
We like the costco tortilla’s you cook.IMG_2857We whip the cream cheese, add the chicken soup, mix well. Add onions, chicken and chili’s. Mix.IMG_2858Roll a hearty tablespoon into each tortilla.IMG_2859Line them up in a sprayed pan with a skiff of sauce in the bottomIMG_2860Cover with Enchilada sauce and cheese. Cover in foil and bake at 350 for 60 to 90 minutes.IMG_2856
Chicken Enchilada’s
This will make 2 – 9X13 pans
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cans diced green chili’s
6 green onions
1 package of cream cheese
4 chicken breasts cooked and diced
1 big can enchilada sauce
20-24 wraps
(This awesome recipe comes from Melanee, all my best ones do)
Josh was not overly impressed last week when he made pasta, but he warmed up this week.
Terann made tator tot casserole, which is her favourite.
I have to say this little experiment is going really well. Yes it takes longer to make the meals, and yes I cannot fool around on facebook instead of doing dinner prep.
What I hadn’t planned on was the kids having so much confidence and pride in their meals. Each of them think their meal is the best, and better because of their amazing skills…
We get to talk about silly things, annoying things and things they hope for. That my friends is priceless! I have MY teenagers talking to me!
This weeks menu:
Josh : Pork chops in sauce with Rice, Salad and Beans.
Meliah: Spaghetti with Chicken Orange Sauce… (Alfredo and Tomato)
Caleb: Taco Soup
Terann: Creamy Cheesy Vegetable Medley Soup
Stop over for a bite! It will be the best you’ve had!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Just a quick blog I am in the middle of some madness, I will tell you about that later!

I found this contest, it’s a chance for Santa to come visit your house! How fun is that! Check out the Santa give away right away, time is ticking!

I love my kids loving Santa, I love Santa!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Worth a try…

So I had a brilliant idea, each night a different child will help me prepare supper. We will work together deciding what to make, preparing the food and serving it (which may involve dishwasher unloading).

My theory is, that if they are helping me 4 times a month, that is 4 new things they will be able to make on their own. I am thinking that by the time they go off to college that should give them at least 10 dishes they can make that doesn’t involve ichaban or mac n’ cheese… Meliah who is my side kick is 6 and has been making her own omelets and grilled cheese sandwiches for 2 years (I help with the burner settings). She is also very good at helping with baking – especially egg cracking. So why not teach her older siblings?

My theory is also that we will be able to spend more quality time together. I find it easier to stay connected to the girls, we have more in common, it is easy for us to find things to do together. Unfortunately I find it hard with the boys. They will pretty much do anything to avoid going in public with me, well if I could afford meals out that would work… But they eat a lot! So this gives me a little bit of extra time with them.

Tonight was the first night, Josh was pretty much in pain, but his meal was great. Meliah is dying in anticipation for her turn tomorrow. I do think it will be good, lets hope so!

What have tried new lately?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Nothing like getting up on Saturday morning, to get your book and lay back down! I love to read, I love to get so caught up in a story that I can hardly sleep because I am thinking about the characters and what has happened or will happen or often what I think should have happened!
September reads:
The Hunger Game Series – I loved it so much I read it twice in a week….
October Reads:
The Host – Another one I couldn’t put down. I LOVED the story, the romance…
Percy Jackson Series – A little young, but I did enjoy the story line… I know a lot about mythology now…
The Uglies- still undecided, I need to read the rest of the series before I decide if I like it. The characters kind of annoy me… And the author does a lot of… You know when there is a confession about to be confessed but it never comes out because the other character always interrupts, it just gets a little old when it happens numerous times in one book.
November Reads:
The Chrysalids – a book I read as a kid and never really got it out of my mind…
The Secret Garden – another oldie and even better than I remember!
Next up:
The Lovely Bones – which I am not sure about, I am nervous, sounds icky…
Any future Book Suggestions?

Here is a great contest to enter Progressive Pioneer Toy Giveaway

Friday, November 5, 2010


This might sound terrible! But I am grateful for stuff….

We have been married 16 years and it is the first time ever that we have owned nice new furniture. A perk for moving to a new country.

I love my furniture,

My Blue Sofa SetcouchMy Table! Where we eat every night!tableEspecially my bedbedI love my home. rose house

I love that there are slides from the tunnel, yes the tunnel that runs between two rooms, along the ceiling… Fun!slide

I love that I finally have an Ensuite… The joy!girls bathroomThis is the girls bathroom, which means yes I have a parent bathroom, a girls bathroom and a boys bathroom… After 15 years of 1 bathroom for 6 of us, it makes me giddy.

I love my new ‘Wide Shaft’ bootsIMG_2644I do wish I didn’t need ‘Wide Shaft’ boots however.

I Love my new family tree necklace.IMG_2651You can go enter to win your own from KellyAnnie

I love that my nephew wears underwear on his head.Eli unders on head

I know this post might seem vain and materialistic, but I am grateful for the many blessings that we have. Some of those blessings we have are material possessions. We are not rich and most likely never will be. But I have a very hard working husband who works to support us and is able to support us, and I am grateful for him.

We have been on many wild rides, I am grateful that I have a brave husband who can take me on those wild rides, even when I am scared to death.  I am grateful that I am able to support him. I do look forward to smooth sailing, but until those days come, me and my wide shaft boots were made for walking, and that’s just what we’ll do!

Yes I am a nerd!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well with it being American Thanksgiving this month I thought I would use it as a opportunity to show my gratitude for some of my many blessings…Heather and Meliah


There is something about sisters that cannot be put into words. How we torment and drive each other nuts as kids, even as adults sometimes.

How we will protect them at all costs, no one hurts my sister! I remember my older sister being exceptionally nasty to me as kids, but if someone dared to be mean to me, she would destroy them. There was a broken lunch kit and a bruised boy on our way home from school to prove it. It’s a sister thing.

How we just become friends, the first person you call when your happy, sad or mad. A sister is always there. Who would have that A Hippie, A Molly and A Therapist would be friends?

A sister gives you nieces and nephews, and there is just something about your sisters babies that makes you fall immensely and completely in love instantly.

I am grateful for Kat and Amie, two women who couldn’t be more different. Two women who I couldn’t love more.

I am grateful for Ava Jo and Eli, so sweet and little and I love them endlessly! Come visit Aunty please!

A November Thanksgiving post… How American am I?

And yes that is Christmas backgrounds… it was either that or putting up my tree, and this I can do without Shane’s approvalSmile

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We spent a very short 36 hours in Lethbridge getting as much family time as we possibly could.
It was our first meeting with Baby Sam! Oh boy is that baby chewable!IMG_2755
Meliah loved to feed him.IMG_2754
We played with all our cousinsIMG_2747Will and JosieIMG_2793ElenaIMG_2811Charlie and LincolnIMG_2828CarterIMG_2830ColbyIMG_2835And some more Sam! Meliah burped him even!IMG_2779Isn’t he adorable?
And then we made the long journey home! We left at 7am, stopped at the border where Shane got the border man a wee bit cranky. Ate breakfast at the Country Skillet in Shelby. Stopped for a stretch in Butte Montana. Supper was in Pocatello, Idaho and should be rolling home just before 9pm… Yes I am blogging while I drive…

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Friends make the world complete!

We made a quick trip to Canada to renew our status (we have 3 years!) so we made a quick trip to visit our friends in Cranbrook.

It is so hard to leave them!

Meliah and Kaleigh have been best friends since they were born, I looked back in church an they were holding hands in sacrament, I wish they could see each other more!IMG_2693

They had so much fun in their matching pajamas with their new stuffies and a sleep over.

Mady and Terann have been the best of friends since we moved to Cranbrook in 2002. I never even seen them, and I know how hard it is for them to say goodbye, but they managed! Good job girls! love you!IMG_2684

Of course we have Keion, have you ever seen a cuter monkey?IMG_2682

Taelor our the big sister to all 4 girls.IMG_2699

Mel and I never got a picture together, what with that? I guess I need to talk about her instead. Mel is one of a kind, she is one of the kindest gentlest souls I have ever met. She is giving and loving and more fun than you can ever imagine. She is a mother bear and will eat you alive if you hurt someone she loves (including me, so you better be nice)! She is not the slightest bit material or phony, she is a wonderful mom and I am a better person because she is my friend. Of course, we are not really friends anymore. We are sisters, we share each others kids and would do anything for each other.

I miss you Mel! Love you forever!


Eli, I could eat this child!


You get big kisses if you bring him lightening McQueen!IMG_2716

Posing for Terann on Kat’s porch.IMG_2726

Saying goodbye to my sister, Don’t hate us for our beauty…IMG_2724

So far our trip has been great. Seen so many people we love so much. Cried when we have to say goodbye. Met so many babies! Jayson, Corbin, Oxley they are so very sweet and cute! Cannot wait to see them again!