Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Nothing like getting up on Saturday morning, to get your book and lay back down! I love to read, I love to get so caught up in a story that I can hardly sleep because I am thinking about the characters and what has happened or will happen or often what I think should have happened!
September reads:
The Hunger Game Series – I loved it so much I read it twice in a week….
October Reads:
The Host – Another one I couldn’t put down. I LOVED the story, the romance…
Percy Jackson Series – A little young, but I did enjoy the story line… I know a lot about mythology now…
The Uglies- still undecided, I need to read the rest of the series before I decide if I like it. The characters kind of annoy me… And the author does a lot of… You know when there is a confession about to be confessed but it never comes out because the other character always interrupts, it just gets a little old when it happens numerous times in one book.
November Reads:
The Chrysalids – a book I read as a kid and never really got it out of my mind…
The Secret Garden – another oldie and even better than I remember!
Next up:
The Lovely Bones – which I am not sure about, I am nervous, sounds icky…
Any future Book Suggestions?

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  1. Hey Heather...I'm excited that I discovered your blog through Rabbit in the Headlights. Thanks for commenting so that I could come over here and check in on your family! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog list so I don't forget where your blog is. (My family blog is private but if you want in, let me know.)

    As for books...The Lovely Bones is one that I started and then I put it down. I couldn't read it...far to disturbing for me. I have been thinking about the Chrysalids lately too. I should go find a copy of that one. I enjoyed The Hunger Games too. I'm currently reading Great Expectations...I haven't taken on Charles Dickens before. (Which is sort of an embarrassing confession from an English major.) Another really good book, although not fiction, is Traditions of Christmas by Ace Collins. I read it last December and really enjoyed it. I want to start teaching my kids where some of our traditions come from.