Sunday, June 27, 2010

MacJam rocked the night away again!

It was our monthly concert last night, what a show! For those of you who missed it, hope you can make it to the next one, which will be August 28th at 7pm. We will be changing a few things up:)
IMG_1048Shall we start with ME, I had a make over Saturday morning, old Hollywood style:)  The only instrument I play is the Kitchenaid (which happens to be red as well), but I did play some great Cheesecake!
Shane started us off with ‘Big Hard Sun’IMG_1065He also rocked out Last Kiss by Pearl Jam, Weak in the Knee’s by Serena Ryder and Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls.
Michael Allongo No words to describe…IMG_1080 Ummm, yeah as my friend Jessica would say “Pretty Much Amazing” he played classical guitar, sang in Spanish. This is one talented guy! I am so bummed he is moving! He is a lawyer, so hopefully he wins some big cases and can fly out to play for us:)
Actually, I had never spent much time with the Allongo’s, and his wife is probably one of the sweetest honest people I have ever met… Lesson in life, don’t wait to get to know people, we could have 8 months with them, now we get 2! Bummer!!
Jonathon BooneIMG_1101 Jonathon sang a few songs, spiritual, acapella, and parodies. He writes and records parodies for a living, so thought he would give us a taste, HILARIOUS!
Sheldon Boone has pipes!IMG_1094I knew she sang, I just didn’t know with so much power. I seriously burst into tears when she sang! ‘Hopelessly Devoted to Youuuuu’ I wonder if she knows I am a HUGE Grease fan? Beautiful!
Oh did I mention they are my neighbours? 
Eli Adams our rock star!IMG_1111Eli brought a friend with him (Shannon Bailey), they were typical Eli style Awesome! He sang some original works and ‘When you say nothing at all’ Ummm Eli, that doesn’t help the crushes we all have on you!          Silly boy!
Josh Rabe and Philip Hurst
The boys played acoustic guitar, Banjo and some thing I have no idea what it was. LOVED them, of course they are from Texas and everyone from Texas is clearly Amazing!! Cannot wait til they come again with Phil’s wife (Briana)… (not that we are sucking up so they will stay with our kids while we go away haha)                   Yes I will suck up!
Last but not least another new addition:
Erin Schefer IMG_1138This girl can SING, like reach in and touch your soul sing! We hope she can come back again… Luckily she left her keys here, so I think I might hold them ransom!
Meliah and Terann have started selling homemade goods to save money to go visit Canada.
Meliah is selling cupcakes and cake pops so she can go see Auntie Amie and Gramma in October.
Terann is selling hand sculpted fridge magnets and jewelry. Plus babysitting to earn enough money to go see Gramma and Auntie’s next summer.
Expect some door knocking, and pictures soon. I tried to catch a video of Meliah counting her $24 but couldn’t figure out how to do it… Oops!
Oh and about food, besides the Berry Cheesecake for treats, we also served Canadian flavoured chips (dill pickle, ketchup and All dressed), Canadian smarties, we also served POUTINE! Yumm... But in the process of this evening of poutine, which new is something American don't have...
Did you know -
America does not eat Gravy with their french Fries!
OH MY GOSH! How could this be happening? So very sad!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A week of action, a week of fun, a week done!

This last week was really busy but really fun!

Meliah finished her girl scout program, and is now a girl scout! She is hoping a troop opens up so she can join one.
I had some friends over to get a over view of Steven Covey’s course. My new friend who I adore (Jenny Spadafora) taught it. It was great. She is now going to teach us the series of classes, how great is that?
What I took from the night:
1) Create a mission statement, let it be your map to becoming your best self.
2) Fill your day with your “Rocks” and pour the pebbles around. If you first schedule your rocks, you will accomplish your must do’s and then you can fit in the extra’s if there is room.
3)No matter how organized you are, there is still only 24 hours in a day, don’t try to schedule in 36 hours. It won’t happen.
4) A day planner isn’t a fix all, it only works if you write in it, then read it. You need to use it for it to work…
5) I really need to take more notes…
On Thursday Meliah graduated from Rad Kids. Rad kids is a program to empower children. Teach them confidence and safety.
Rad Kid rules
1) No one has the right to hurt me because I am special.
2) I don’t have the right to hurt anyone else, unless they try to hurt me and then I STOP them.
3) If anyone tries to hurt me, trick me or make me feel bad inside, it’s not my fault and I can tell.
Let me tell you I LOVE this program! I highly recommend if you don’t have this program at your school, you help get it going. It is so empowering for the kids!
IMG_0956Meliah getting her equipment on. IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961 IMG_0962 Meliah running for safety, 911!
I also got to go to the parade of homes with my friend Emily. It was so much fun. The houses were amazing, one has a 15,000 sq foot castle… It was crazy, I was worried I might covet, but I got a couple idea’s if we ever do a renovation, and fell in love with a fridge… The only thing I left wanting was a great picture frame I seen in the castle…
Saturday night, I had a GIRL PARTY for a friend Linda’s birthday. It was a lot of fun, pedicures, movie, visiting, artichoke dip, brownies, cake and lots of  laughter!IMG_0965  Today was father’s day so we made little mini burger and fries for the kids. For whatever reason, I barely took pictures. Oops!IMG_0977 IMG_0978I was really impressed, the kids were so excited to make them for their dads, they didn’t eat any of the food! We are in the process of weaning the kids off of snack, I would say they are weaned! Not one bite taken:)  Do I not have the cutest sunbeams ever?
As far as the burgers go, I got the idea from I just traced the template onto cardstock to make the basket and fry packaging. I added the fry sauce, because I think fry sauce is hilarious… Not sure why, but I do!
Lastly this week, a big change check this out!IMG_0980 IMG_0983    IMG_0998       IMG_1012    IMG_1033He is having a contest with Cameron Keith to see who’s hair grows faster! How funny is that?
And that is a wrap!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baking, Giggles, and shameless Plugging…

I am so full of idea’s I want to do that I decided to go ahead and start trying some:

How about some cupcake bites!



These nummy little suckers have rainbow cake and cream cheese icing inside, dip in chocolate, consume! Meliah did the decorating:)



Hamburger anyone? These little burgers also have the rainbow cake and vanilla icing inside. Dipped first in dark chocolate, then red and green, followed by Peanut butter chocolate.

Can you spell mmmmm?


At church ( I teach the sunbeams who are all 3. years old. This week our lesson was on ALL THE MANY THINGS WE CAN DO. Look at some of the things they can do! I had my camera to take pictures for future crafts. Here are a couple of my little goofballs.

IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0902 IMG_0903 IMG_0904How can you not adore this little farts? 

Last but not least, a shameless plug for the contest I would LOVE to win!

Need a mecca of ideas for things you can do with cake and chocolate?  Try this website, LOVE IT!