Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well with it being American Thanksgiving this month I thought I would use it as a opportunity to show my gratitude for some of my many blessings…Heather and Meliah


There is something about sisters that cannot be put into words. How we torment and drive each other nuts as kids, even as adults sometimes.

How we will protect them at all costs, no one hurts my sister! I remember my older sister being exceptionally nasty to me as kids, but if someone dared to be mean to me, she would destroy them. There was a broken lunch kit and a bruised boy on our way home from school to prove it. It’s a sister thing.

How we just become friends, the first person you call when your happy, sad or mad. A sister is always there. Who would have that A Hippie, A Molly and A Therapist would be friends?

A sister gives you nieces and nephews, and there is just something about your sisters babies that makes you fall immensely and completely in love instantly.

I am grateful for Kat and Amie, two women who couldn’t be more different. Two women who I couldn’t love more.

I am grateful for Ava Jo and Eli, so sweet and little and I love them endlessly! Come visit Aunty please!

A November Thanksgiving post… How American am I?

And yes that is Christmas backgrounds… it was either that or putting up my tree, and this I can do without Shane’s approvalSmile

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