Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We spent a very short 36 hours in Lethbridge getting as much family time as we possibly could.
It was our first meeting with Baby Sam! Oh boy is that baby chewable!IMG_2755
Meliah loved to feed him.IMG_2754
We played with all our cousinsIMG_2747Will and JosieIMG_2793ElenaIMG_2811Charlie and LincolnIMG_2828CarterIMG_2830ColbyIMG_2835And some more Sam! Meliah burped him even!IMG_2779Isn’t he adorable?
And then we made the long journey home! We left at 7am, stopped at the border where Shane got the border man a wee bit cranky. Ate breakfast at the Country Skillet in Shelby. Stopped for a stretch in Butte Montana. Supper was in Pocatello, Idaho and should be rolling home just before 9pm… Yes I am blogging while I drive…

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