Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Friends make the world complete!

We made a quick trip to Canada to renew our status (we have 3 years!) so we made a quick trip to visit our friends in Cranbrook.

It is so hard to leave them!

Meliah and Kaleigh have been best friends since they were born, I looked back in church an they were holding hands in sacrament, I wish they could see each other more!IMG_2693

They had so much fun in their matching pajamas with their new stuffies and a sleep over.

Mady and Terann have been the best of friends since we moved to Cranbrook in 2002. I never even seen them, and I know how hard it is for them to say goodbye, but they managed! Good job girls! love you!IMG_2684

Of course we have Keion, have you ever seen a cuter monkey?IMG_2682

Taelor our the big sister to all 4 girls.IMG_2699

Mel and I never got a picture together, what with that? I guess I need to talk about her instead. Mel is one of a kind, she is one of the kindest gentlest souls I have ever met. She is giving and loving and more fun than you can ever imagine. She is a mother bear and will eat you alive if you hurt someone she loves (including me, so you better be nice)! She is not the slightest bit material or phony, she is a wonderful mom and I am a better person because she is my friend. Of course, we are not really friends anymore. We are sisters, we share each others kids and would do anything for each other.

I miss you Mel! Love you forever!


Eli, I could eat this child!


You get big kisses if you bring him lightening McQueen!IMG_2716

Posing for Terann on Kat’s porch.IMG_2726

Saying goodbye to my sister, Don’t hate us for our beauty…IMG_2724

So far our trip has been great. Seen so many people we love so much. Cried when we have to say goodbye. Met so many babies! Jayson, Corbin, Oxley they are so very sweet and cute! Cannot wait to see them again!

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