Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once upon a time a baby was born...

Once upon a time, there was a young naive newly wed couple who married with dreams of having a family. The plan was to wait 3 years and then have a child. Fortunately, God in his great wisdom could see the bigger picture and altered their little plan. He gave them 3 months as newly weds before the young bride was with Child.

The very instant the young bride learned of the child growing in her womb she fell in love with her baby. She swore that no matter what, she would always care for that baby. She dreamt of a boy, who would be a big brother. As the pregnancy progressed, the young bride took ill. She spent months of being sick with miscarriage threats, but when no one was looking the young mother would rest her hand on her stomach and offer a prayer, let him come to earth and be mine, let my son be healthy. Late at night when she was all alone tossing or turning or puking, she would remember the doctors words 'the baby might not make it, try to rest, because your off to bed for another month', she would plead with the Lord, Let it be me, spare my little one and take me instead. He has such a future, spare this small child!

The young mother got her wish, she carried her baby to term. When the day came for the baby to come the young father prayed for his bride, he offered a blessing of health, they knew the doctors and nurses would know how to use modern technology to ensure that all would be well.

On April 21, 1995 a beautiful healthy baby boy was born. He was the most precious thing his young parents had ever seen. He had a round face with the sweetest dimples, soft peach fuzz coated his head (and ears). He had large hands and feet. Round eyes full of curiosity, a perfect little nose and mouth completed his little face.
As the young parents whispered of their good fortune, the doctors and nurses started to panic. The young mother of 19 had began to hemorrhage. The wise doctor realized there was nothing more he could do in his small hospital and whisked the new mother away by ambulance to a bigger center. Her was heavy because in the fight for her live she had to leaving her beautiful baby behind.

As the ambulance roared down the highway as fast as it could, the young mother could feel herself slipping. She was so cold she thought she might freeze, her arms had fallen off the gurney, but she was too weak to lift them. The cold was everywhere, as she shivered in fear.
She arrived at the hospital to a flurry of activity, they needed to prep her for surgery before they would prep her for the morgue. 'Where is a vain for intravenous?' 'Her arms have none left, try her foot, try her groin, recline her bed to keep blood to her head'. 'Her kidneys have failed, we must get her in now'. The doctor said to the girl, 'we are taking you in, we may give you a hysterectomy, but we will do all that we can.' The girl whispered with all she had, 'NO, I want to have another child!' The doctor patted her shoulder and said he would try,'I understand, but if given the choice, would you rather raise this one?'
Off they whisked her away, leaving the young father all alone, to wonder how all this happened, I have a final tomorrow! But the young father was wise, he knew that all would be fine, after all Heavenly Father had promised in the blessing. He knew his young bride, the mother of his son, would return well. His final would wait, well at least until Tuesday!

The blessing was correct, the doctor knew just what to do. When all else failed and options were gone, he skipped procedure and injected a new drug. Still in testing format but we have nothing else. We can try this drug and hope for the best or we can bury this young mother.

The bleeding did cease, and all would be well. Her family all wept, with the knowledge of what might have been. But they all rallied together, sending someone to fetch the sweet baby. And the young couple snuggled together, their new son was oerfect, and his mother would heal in time.

His dimples lite up there lives, his giggles tickled their heart. The entire family that rallied, well they loved that little boy, he was held and cuddled, kissed and squished. But when no one was looking that young mother would take her little boy, snuggle him up close and smell his sweet head, she would thank her Heavenly Father for all that he does, for giving her such a wonderful little son.

He grew day by day, healthy as a ox. He kept growing and growing.

He was soon a big brother, he loved his little babies and was sure to keep them safe. While mom was off busy he would often experiment, Did you know it took 3 seconds to microwave a remote? If you poured dish soap out the window, it took hours to clean.

His sweet heart was growing with him, turning him into a kind man. He loved his younger siblings and teased them with joy. He fought with his parents and helped sow some grey hair. He soon turned 15, towering over his parents, with a heart as big as his size 14 foot. His parents were grateful for their son and loved him so much, they grounded him often. They made him do homework and wear a retainer, they gave him lots of lectures.

And when no one is looking, the now older mother, says a prayer to her Heavenly Father, thank you dear lord, for my beautiful son, I would never change how he came to earth that day, I got just what I wanted, my beautiful baby boy. But please right now protect him from harm, let him know who he is and what a special gift he is. My offer still stands, let me take his pain. I love him so much, please protect my big boy, I pray my dear Lord!

I love you Josh and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me, little old me, to raise one of his choicest spirits! You are wise and good, and the greatest gift I have ever received. Never forget who you are! Your one of God's greatest gifts!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life before google...

I have been giving thought to how I can learn everything on google or you-tube. I have learned how to make hair bows, decorate cakes, create organizers. I have diagnosed our illnesses and found new dinner ideas. A world of knowledge is at my finger tips and as I talked to my Aunty Shelly about my wonderful Gramma, a thought came to mind...

Facts about gramma:

  • Gramma was fully 100% Catholic Ukrainian

  • She wed at a very young age, leaving her family for a shack and becoming a homesteader.

  • She worked from before dawn until after dusk most of her life.

  • She could have 'lunch' on the table in a matter of minutes regardless of the time of day.

  • Lunch may consist of sandwiches, pickles and squares, or meat in gravy, vegetables in cream, coleslaw and squares.

  • Lunch can be 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 7pm 9pm 11pm or anytime in between.

  • Gramma always had buckets of squares in the house.

  • Gramma was the most amazing cook ever.

  • Gramma had two gardens, the small one being the size of three city lots and the large one being acres.

  • Gramma was full of patience with her grandkids, she let them help do everything, make perogies, ice cakes, garden, feed animals, or paint.

  • At one point Gramma only owned 1 good bra, it was black and pinned together.

  • One time when gramma was on a diet she snuck a Mars bar, but in the days of littering being socially acceptable, grampa found it on the running board of the van. Even in 1982 that is how you spell BUSTED.

  • Gramma would weep with joy at the sight of her grandkids coming in the yard, and would weep in sadness when they had to leave.

  • Gramma never did anything for herself.

  • Gramma would sacrifice anything for those she loved.

  • Gramma was glad to die of cancer, when she seen the young moms at the cancer clinics, she was glad it was her and not one of her daughters or grand-daughters.

  • Gramma was an amazing woman who inspired us all.

  • Gramma had no idea how amazing she was.

One of the most amazing things about Gramma, was she did all of this without a dishwasher, a computer or even google! Gramma was on her own, she could not call her sister to vent about a bad day, nor could she call her mother for parenting advice. Gramma did not a have a walmart let alone a safeway. There was no such thing as fast food drive-thru or frozen pizza. Gramma did everything by will power, determination and hard work.

As I sit here with my laptop, dishwasher running, fan going, cell phone beeping, I wonder could I have done it? How lucky I am. In an instant I can learn anything I want from the google, I can have my sister on the phone, while I email my mother, all while I do the dishes, wash the clothes, knead the bread, make supper and most likely wishing I had some gadget I don't already own. And yet I accomplish a fraction of what she did in a day.

My gramma, a woman who gave all and loved all.

Me, Heather a woman who gives some, loves most and dreams of someday being like her gramma.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I love my momsy!

Every once in a while I get a little emotional, and apparently this is one of those days. For whatever reason this morning I have a over whelming sense of gratitude towards my mom.

My mom was unable to be the traditional stereo typical mom. There was no apron wearing bread making in our house. She raised 3 girls as a single mother. Working hard, making mistakes and teaching us there is more to life than money and reform.

As a mother, I have a great respect for all that my mom did for me. She has a great sense of guilt for mistakes she made, not really sure what those mistakes were, I am sure there was some. I make them all the time too! That's what motherhood is, learning as you go, doing the best with what you have. There is no perfect plan or instruction manual.

My mom was unable to provide us with designer labels and a whole lot of structure. But what she did provide us with is far more valuable. My mother taught me to be free, to follow my heart, to follow my own path and create my own destiny, to be 100% me. I know that there is no one better than I, I am of infinite worth and should be treated that way by those who surround me. I know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I have no limits. I know that I am beautiful, strong and independent. I know that I am loved by a strong, beautiful and independent mother.

What more can you ask of a mother? Mom I love you and will always be grateful for you and all you have taught me. Thank you momsy!