Monday, November 8, 2010

Worth a try…

So I had a brilliant idea, each night a different child will help me prepare supper. We will work together deciding what to make, preparing the food and serving it (which may involve dishwasher unloading).

My theory is, that if they are helping me 4 times a month, that is 4 new things they will be able to make on their own. I am thinking that by the time they go off to college that should give them at least 10 dishes they can make that doesn’t involve ichaban or mac n’ cheese… Meliah who is my side kick is 6 and has been making her own omelets and grilled cheese sandwiches for 2 years (I help with the burner settings). She is also very good at helping with baking – especially egg cracking. So why not teach her older siblings?

My theory is also that we will be able to spend more quality time together. I find it easier to stay connected to the girls, we have more in common, it is easy for us to find things to do together. Unfortunately I find it hard with the boys. They will pretty much do anything to avoid going in public with me, well if I could afford meals out that would work… But they eat a lot! So this gives me a little bit of extra time with them.

Tonight was the first night, Josh was pretty much in pain, but his meal was great. Meliah is dying in anticipation for her turn tomorrow. I do think it will be good, lets hope so!

What have tried new lately?

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  1. Oh the memories...I had to cook every Monday night because my mom worked. It was great for me to learn to trust myself in the kitchen and to learn to follow a recipe. This is such a good idea Heather and I love the idea of quality time in the kitchen. I think the drawback to how long I've been cooking is that I think of the kitchen as MY domain and I don't like to share. I really should...thanks for the idea and reminder of what is really important! I'm off to make a schedule for my kiddos...maybe once every other week to start! :)