Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am just going to say it…

This is not going to be my usual happy post or one that is even coherent…

But I am just going to out it…

It just isn’t fair…

How can G’s cancer have spread so quickly? How can such a young fun loving mom, be facing this?

Ya I get God has a plan, and I am a strong believer in this, but how can this beautiful loveable mommy have stage IV cancer?Geneva

She should be worrying that her little kids turn out to be good teenagers, not be worrying that she won’t see those years. She should be adoring her adoring husband, not wondering if she will live happily ever after with him.

I am sorry, I am being selfish, and not a good friend. But I hate this. When my gramma died of cancer, she did it with courage, without complaint, because in her mind she was saving the young mommies by being the one with cancer.

I invoke the trade my gramma was willing to give, let this mommy live! Let her raise her kids! Let her do all those silly and funny and wonderful things she has dreamed of doing. Let her be her.

The other sucky part, as much as my heart breaks for her, I am just so dang glad it isn’t me! What a awesome friend I am, I will do anything for you, except trade spots with you… That isn’t a path I want to take.

Please pray for my dear friend G. She is going to fight this, pray she wins! So her little kidlets W, K and C can have their mommy.

If you want to read more about my beautiful friend, check out her BLOG. If you wish to help her financially as she fights for her life. Fights for the opportunity to raise her kids…  We are putting together an auction to benefit her and taking donations HERE.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is the matter with me…

I swore I never wanted land again…

But I really want to grow my own meat, beef and chickens.

Have my own eggs, yum!

Why not grow some produce… I think I want some land…

But we all know what that means, MANUAL labour!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Football and Politics…

This is not my usual rant on Football! Generally I have found it frustrating to watch the game, I admit I have been wrong on some points.

It was hard for me to go from small town football, where everyone got to play, to big city where you earned your spot.

I do think Caleb’s could have had a much better freshman year, a freshman playing his hardest and with dedication should not be benched. BUT coaches are not perfect, and time to move on!

So this is the scenario that currently has my panties in a knot…

The Superintendent (from now on shall be known as the Super) requested an audit on our boys football coach, or the football program. Not only was the audit requested, but his job was threatened. Needless to say there was a huge outcry of support, from parents, players and donators.

The critical issues were that he had raised a lot of money (like millions) to help the football program. The district wanted to be sure he was using the funds appropriately. They had reason to believe he had not.

Now a little background,

  • In the past the Coach raised the funds for a astro turf field and a Football center.
  • A player was injured the year before on the field, because of a issue with the field. The Freshman Player received a concussion that caused temporary blindness and he could not attend school for quite a while. The coach was told to find the money himself to fix the field. The district couldn’t afford it. Basically he was told to raise $200,000! From private donors, for something on school property.
  • Coach Wong raised money to build a state of the art training center, where 100 people could train at one time.
  • In May the principal retired and the Super brought in new blood from out of state.
  • The Super requested a fundraising policy be made, there was none before, but with Wong having raised $2,000,000 (rumor, don’t know exact number, but it is around there) he wanted one. A committee was formed, they worked on a policy and presented it, but the Super didn’t like it. Rejected and he started to create one himself (with the school board of course). The Fundraising Policy Committee felt like they wasted their time and that the Super rejected it because he had an agenda that wasn’t being met (their words, not mine).
  • The Super and the New principal McKee request an audit on the books. His job is threatened.
  • McKee assures everyone that Wong is safe and Wong encourages all to work with and respect McKee.
  • The Super quits.
  • The Audit is sealed and private as of the beginning of March.
  • I am contacted for a interview on March 13th in the early afternoon by a reporter.
  • By mid afternoon reports of Wong’s personal gain from funds are ALL over the papers. Yes the audit is still sealed.
  • Late afternoon Wong is given a 30 day suspension without pay, and then will be fired unless he appeals and wins.
  • Outcry and Mayhem occur.

I have learned that the Board wants Wong gone, and no amount of begging and pleading would change their mind. apparently the board does not think they have consequences, it was their Audit department (with the Supers right hand man there of course) who leaked the information. I hope Wong sues the crap out of the board. I hope they DO NOT get re-elected. I personally have emailed them, and they are evasive and seem to not care.

So what did Wong do? He did use the schools account to fix his vehicle and never paid the money back ($600) ummm hello, did anyone ask, I personally have used company accounts to fix my vehicle and if they hadn’t taken it off Shane’s check, I wouldn’t have gone begging to pay. Could it have been to repay for things he had done? Maybe. Did they give him a chance to pay? No, they fired him.

They also found some shoddy book work. By several departments. Was anyone else fired? Nope.

He is in trouble for whoever takes care of the fees not depositing them within 3 days. The financial office was closed for the summer, and he couldn’t deposit them. I was aware this would happen, because I am a genius? No because all the money goes through the office.

He is in trouble for not getting bids on pregame meals, I mean, how selfish of him to feed the kids at the businesses that sponsored the team. I personally think that is the way to do it!

He accepted a $1500 clothing allowance from under armour, so he is in the hot seat for accepting something that could be personal gain. So all you in the corporate world, do not accept the freebies businesses give you to try to win your business, you could be Wonged! (my new word for unfairly fired) (by the way he used some of it auction off at charity auctions and to clothe volunteers, what a selfish guy!)

He used the football account to pay for coaches meals, on trips, probably meetings etc… Gee that sounds corrupt!

Is he perfect? NO!

Does he deserve for his name to be drug through the mud? NO!

Is the school board being unreasonable? Ummm YA!

This coach has aspired for all his coaching years to make good men. You’re the best player, but not being a good person? Hello bench! You’re kind of a crappy player, but need the team, you are on the team.

When my son has struggled with school or life, I know I can count on Wong. He takes the boys aside and talks to them. He mans them up. We begged our son to do better in school. We grounded our son till he did better in school. He did not even try. Coach Wong calls him in, and off he goes to work on his grades.

He is a good man, with good intent and crappy book work skills. (As are many other coaches at the school) and he is fired.

Way to go Provo!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day in the Life…

It dawned on me today that time change has made me a little bit cranky…

But I mean at 8:09am on Sunday morning (technically it would have been 7:09) when you only have 20 minutes to get ready, how are you not supposed to blame your husband… I mean geesh I get up at 7:45, and yes I said I wanted to sleep in, but not till 8:09…

So I was just mocked on Facebook by my friend Todd. Now Todd is a computer geek, who eats his weight in glorious food everyday… But before he does that, he takes a picture of it. Skinny as he is, I think I gain weight looking at his pictures.

I met Todd while serving him on Heidi's Restaurant. What? You don’t become Facebook friends with people you serve? Well you should it is fun. He isn’t even crazy, well maybe a little, but he has come to visit us in Utah twice. He likes my food.

Anywhoo Todd enjoys teasing me. A LOT. Today’s topic was mocking my life as a housewife… So I thought I should let you know how hard I actually don’t work!

7:45 (not 8:09) – Arise, beautiful with wonderful breath of course.

8:00 am Wake up Sleeping Beauty and get her ready for school.


Laundry started, slow cooker started.

8:30 am Go to Gym with Karina,

Pull ups, Push ups, inverted Pull ups, creepy goblet squat ups, leg ups, planks on ball, 20 minutes cardio. running

10 am Arrive home and start my day

Protein Shake with Facebook time (crucial part of the day)

Shower (some might say crucial)

11 am a trip to…. WALMART! Oh the fun!

Beans, tomato soup, chocolate almond milk, snap peas, carrots, snacks for Shane’s office. Oh and realizing that I am old and grumpy and wish people would pay attention to their kids… It isn’t the kids fault, how about the spaced out parents ignoring them (one woman smacked her kid for being in my way, but proceeded to hold up 5 people by meandering and not paying attention)

1 pm JC Penney!


To pay a bill for my brother in law Winking smile 

2 pm lunch – Giant salad with sunflower seeds, almonds and cranberries and a vinaigrette, YUMM!

Then the domestic part, I had to clean the kitchen!

Whoops, forgot about Laundry… Switch that around.

3 pm Drive 6 miles to pick up Caleb.

3:30 pm gave up on finding Josh and Drive Caleb the 6 miles home. We did stop at the creamery for some Mormon Milk 3 gallons for $5.55. Caleb got a donut of course.

4:00 PM arrive home. Find sweet and sour sauce recipe and procrastinate making it.

4:15 PM argue with Josh as to why HE should have to sort his own laundry…

Do Laundry.

5:00 PM Drive Terann to Cheer Class.

5:15 PM Get home. Hang out with Anna and Courtney at the mail box. Show my age by being shocked Courtney’s new pants are all ripped up.

Make supper:

Sweet and Sour Sauce

2 cups brown sugar

2 tbsp Flour

1/2 cup vinegar

1/4 cup water

2 tbsp soya sauce

2 tbsp ketchup

boil til it thickens.

I slow cooked the boneless ribs all day, then put them on a pan and covered in the sweet and sour sauce and baked for 45 minutes. Possibly to long…


Green beans (ummm delish, I think I ate them all)

6:30 PM Dinner

Caleb hates rice. Everyone hates Beans.

Argue with Josh about why he needs to not be a jerk.

7:00 PM Read over new health care paper work (YAY us)

7:30 PM Lay on couch like an old man, sleeping but still able to hear your own freakish sounds…

8:00 PM realize you were making freakish sounds and get up and watch the voice while folding laundry.

9:00 PM Clean up the kitchen that was neglected after supper.

10:00 PM Get distracted by Todd’s teasing and blog about your boring yet enjoyable house wife duties…

12:00 AM Night Night

Funny thing is, I like it. I like it a lot. I joke, but come one, most people work all day then have to do the things in an hour that I take 8 to do… I have it pretty sweet! (don’t tell Shane I said that) And Hey, Tuesday is Pasta Tuesday!

(PS Graphic info here, lately I have been teasing my sister, pay back for when she used to wonder how I got up each morning knowing this is my life! Karma has kicked her in the butt with twins at 40… anyways I tease her. This month my baby maker was 7 days late… talk about freak out, so moral of the story, never ever tease! Karma is a stinker)

For Kat…

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh Kenny…

Today I seen on facebook that it is Kenny’s 39th birthday. Kenny is my cousin. He is the most adorable boy ever. A full head of brown hair, cut with a bowl as a measuring tool I am sure. Big round brown eyes. His laugh, open mouth, head back, fun and love flowing with the sound. How I love Kenny.

Kenny died suddenly when I was 8, so he was 10 I believe. It has been 29 years (I think) and he is immortalized in my mind, he has stayed 10. My fun loving older cousin, who I probably drove nuts. I cannot believe so many years have passed, I am old, and he is like peter pan to me. A little boy forever.

I remember the day, we were on our way home from our first day of school, driving down the dirt road. Grampa suddenly stopped his tractor in the field, and jumped out, gramma barreling down the road towards us.

I was so young, I didn’t’ understand, I just knew something hurt in my heart. My mom was sobbing, my sister Kat ran into the woods to hide. I tried to follow, I didn’t know what to do, how does a 8 year old understand?

We went to Edmonton, he had been taken to the hospital there, where they could do nothing and he passed away. My understanding is that he had an aneurysm in his brain. At school, in front of his friends.

When we seen Aunty Judy, I remember she just grabbed me and held me close, you could feel her grieve and pain, it was in the air. I remember the sadness we all felt.

I will admit, I have some fears and anxiety over Kenny’s death. I guess if I was smart, I would phone Aunty and find out exactly what happened… Rather I just panic inside every time one of my kids has sore legs or headaches (the only symptoms if I remember correctly). I have to fight the urge to freak out over those two common things.

I am however very grateful for the knowledge I have now. I know without a doubt that Kenny is going to live again, that he will be in the highest level of Heaven. I know that he is help mate or guardian for me and my family (not in a creepy way, I just believe my deceased relatives directly help us, protect us). I know that Kenny will be with his family again. I know that he is Happy and healthy!

I love you Kenny, and have never and will never forget you! See you soon!


PS My boys drive now, you might want to stay close!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Need Cards? Invites?

I know all you birthing, marrying celebrating people must need some cards. A awesome friend of mine is having a giveaway, check it out…

Awesome Giveaway from Yaya

If you don’t need the cards, then you can opt for a Target gift cardSmile

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Hard Parts…

So I LOVE Utah.

I love the friends we have made here, we have so many people that we truly love.

The cheese and milk is SOOOO cheap! I really don’t know how we can ever go back to regular pricing on dairy.

You can get way more car and house for your dollar, not to mention entertainment is far more affordable.

The schools are great… Well the high schools, not 100% sold on the elementary schools… But the options at Jr and High School are amazing.

The church, it is kind of nice not being the minority sometimes. We are practically normal here…

But it is so hard to be away from my family.

Is it weird that it took me two years to decide that?

It makes me so very sad that I cannot help Kat take care of the babies. It makes me so sad that I rarely see my Eli and Ava. Only Will will (that sounds off) give me unlimited hugs, Charlie, Elena and Lincoln think it is far more fun to hide from Auntie… Josie just pretends I am not there, and Sam well he has no choice.

I am 99% sure I will never see either of my remaining grandparents again, Grande Prairie is so far awaySad smile 

I miss my cousins! All them Morrow’s and Doris’s, I have so many memories of growing up with them, and now I don’t know anything that is going on in their lives - except Chriss, she tells me on FacebookSmile

On one hand I cannot imagine leaving Utah, on the other hand I cry thinking of what I am missing.

Am I sacrificing the most important thing in the world for cheap cheese…

Why cannot I have cheap cheese, great schools, free health care and my family? Boo

Pity party should be over by morning…

Friday, January 20, 2012

I am kind of mad…

So why is it that I can make:

Beautiful Delicious Cakes,

strawberry cream cake cut


Mouth watering Cheesecakes,



Adorable (and Delicious cake pops)

Wedding Cake Favors

Crème Brulee to die for,

creme brulee

Rich and wonderful Chocolate Mousse,

chocolate mousse

Cupcakes to beg for,

wedding cupcakes

I can make every yummy dessert to imagine,

serving stand

I can leave them all alone,

Until I make Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins…


Seriously, I ate 2… Today. I think it was 6 yesterday.

Why cannot I resist these temptations!!!

(Don’t tell Keyyan, he might make me do more pull ups!)