Friday, December 31, 2010

What are your goals for 2011?

I figure if I make my goals public, I might actually keep them!

My main goals are all about self improvement! I have been feeling like I am in a spiritual rut…

Church has become work, I so miss going to Relief Society and feeling the spirit at church. In primary, I feel like I am on duty, crowd control. I have small moments of sweetness, but overall it is not very uplifting. With not being uplifted at church, and not doing much during the week to feel the spirit, I need a change! A change that starts with me!

I also have a feeling that part of my hair loss issue is due to stress, my hair quit falling out for 1 week, 1 stress free week… The last 3 days I have been feeling the stress of no pay check, no money in the bank… And guess what my hair is falling out again. I got to thinking, the week it started to fall out, Shane told me his job was in the crapper and we would no longer be getting steady pay checks. I am sure the other things in my life ie. HCG and Thyroid contributed, but it seems a little too coincidental that as soon as I find out our livelihood is in jeopardy and then that the expected pay check hasn’t arrived, that I begin to shed like a sheep dog in Spring!

I have always struggled with my weight and this last year I managed to shed 40 pounds. I would still like to lose 25-35 pounds more, I had originally thought I would only ever want to be 25 pounds less than I am now, but now that I am closer to that weight, I see my body still has plenty to shed, so I think 35 is a realistic goal.

I have always wanted to be more athletic, to be able to push past the pain and keep going. I am terrible at mind over matter, when I run and my body says stop, I tend to listen! I want to learn to push myself harder and farther. To be healthy and strong. To kick Shane’s butt wake boarding maybeWinking smile

So my goals are simple, quit trying to control the things I cannot control and focus on the things I can control.

I can control how I spend my time. I can control how much time I spend enriching my spirit.

I can control what I dwell on, I can stress and worry or I can let it be. I haven’t entirely figured out how to do this, but I can try!

I can control the food I eat and the beverages I drink (I still love you Diet Pepsi).

I can control how hard I push myself, I can find the athlete inside of me… Begging to escape my lazy butt!

Maybe 2011 can end with a full head of hair on a healthy fit body! Here’s to you 2011, bring it!

PS 2010 I enjoyed you too, thanks for the good times!


  1. Those are awesome goals Heather! good luck and remember I am here to cheer you on!

  2. good goals. I'm with you in the Primary thing. I love my calling (now quite so much "on duty-ness in my particular role) but I do tend to let my own personal spiritual growth slide to the back burner.

    You sound very much like in in all of your challenges/goals - I'll be right there with your ALL THE WAY!

  3. you have inspired me too heather! you are so real and so humorous. i have diabetes now (type two) and i could hardly control myself during december eating whatever and whenever. no control. This morning i awoke. new year. my body is important!!! i want to stay around and see my grandchildren grow up and be there to help my children. my goal is to only lose ten pounds but to be healthy and have good blood sugar control. let's keep posted. love ya lots.

  4. Hi Heather, You can do it! You need to get a hold of the book that the church puts out on addiction recovery- all couples/members should have the book and read and study from it everyday. I just started studying from it and it has helped with the spiritual side. Also, I hear you on the work/money issue. Vern has been unemployed for coming on two years now. It is amazing on how much a family of 7 can live on when the money isn't there. I have learned to do without and have never been a fan of keeping up with the Jones Family, so didn't have that crossroad to bear, but there have been other forks in the road and I just trust in the Lord- He is the only way. Low iron could be a culprit of the hair loss too. Not quite sure what hcg is other than the medical term of hemoglobin. I will need to google it and see what it is about.

    Remember that to get that lean healthy body you want- it is 90% diet and 10% exercise, so that is how you will resolve that, so make sure you don't go for the quick fixes- stay away from the gyms they just suck the money from you. Diet and exercise is your best friend.

    Happy New Year!

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