Friday, May 14, 2010

Why, Why, Why!

I love to watch Say Yes to The Dress! I love watching the dresses being tried on, the tears, the arguments. I drop my jaw at what people pay for their dresses! Crazy!

Tonight a bride was told by her mother the budget was $3000 for the dress, so to look at $2000 dresses to accommodate the alterations and taxes. The bride tells the consultant that the budge is $6000! Then falls for a $7000 dress ($8000 plus with alterations and taxes) and throws a fit and forces her mother to buy it!

As I was thinking how atrocious it was, my mind immediately went to my new niece to be. Completely random, I know, but its how I work! We just found out today that peanut is in fact a girl… I said she was a girl at the get go! Amie has been trying for a couple of years to have a baby. It’s been lots of tears, but so worth the wait.

I don’t know what it is about a sister having a child that makes me so emotional, but I get teary thinking about it.  My sister, my blood, is going to be a mother. My sister is giving me a niece to love! I love her already, she is a part of me! And I cannot wait to hold her, hug her, love her! Hear the funny stories, see the adorable pictures. Why? Because that is what family is, that is what is important in life.

So ask me to choose any day, a day with my little nephew Eli, a moment with my upcoming niece or a $6000 dress (heck even a trip) and I will always choose my family. Isn’t that all we have in the end anyways?

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