Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fairies, cakes and my baby is six!

    baby meliah
This week my baby turned 6!
How in the world did my little baby get so very old? It seems like yesterday that she was a baby.

Well, here is her birthday party! It went pretty well, and we all had a lot of fun. We were missing some of our favourite little people of course, it was Meliah’s first birthday with out Kaleigh! Not sure who was more concerned, the girls or me and Mel!

For starters, Meliah wanted to her school, so we made 36 cupcakes (well if you count the burnt ones it was 54) then her and her little friend decorated all 36 cupcakes with grass buttercream icing and a lady bug on top. They turned out so cute! The even did them all themselves.

Next we move on the main event:
Meliah opted for a strawberry cake with strawberry mousse and fresh strawberries sprinkled with coconut in the center. Lilac coconut icing and vanilla fondant.


Meliah being a huge fan of Cake Boss, felt it very important to have a 3 tiered cake. She was very adamant she wanted tinkerbell toys on it. This Diva knows what she wants!


She also wanted a cupcake tree. Of course cupcakes are easy as can be, but it did mean a lot of cake for us to consume! The 10 little fairies coming to the party would get to feast on these.


Terann drew a Fairy so the girls could play pin the wings on the fairy. I didn't give her much notice to do it, so whipped this out in just a few minutes. It was a hit with Meliah and her fellow Fairies.

In case you ever wondered what 10 fairies going on a scavenger hunt with butterfly nets looked like, this is pretty much it. The girls had to scour the fort for 7 hidden treasures: Bubbles, hair bow, candy ring, candy jewelry, Tinker Bell fruit snacks, flower necklace, and sour candy. They collected it all in butterfly nets that they got to take home.

Nothing like a game of Princess, Princess, QUEEN to get the girls running! Aren’t they adorable!

Meliah blows out her candles. She got every single one!


Cupcakes enjoyed by all the fairies of course!

Some photo’s of our Fairy Festivities:

CIMG1919 CIMG1927 CIMG1930
CIMG1923 CIMG1924 CIMG1928
CIMG1918 CIMG1921
CIMG1939 CIMG1937 DSCN0476 


A very happy group of Fairies!

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