Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me….

Surprise Surprise! I was dreading my birthday earlier this week, but it was great! I am so very blessed! I was having a woe me week, really feeling how far away my family and my long time friends truly are. Not even a girls night out for my birthday! Generally I am birthday month kind of girl,
  1. Dinner out with the family
  2. Date night with Shane
  3. Lunch with Dreena and Mel
  4. Girls night with my friends.
With our move, I knew it would be different. I was ready for my sad and lonely birthday… Surprise! I had so many facebook messages I had to turn off my cell phone notifications. My phone rang, my door bell rang. My heart was warmed, I felt loved. I felt at home.


When I came home from helping at Meliah’s school this was there from the relief society presidency. Along with a copy of President Monson’s talk, ‘Finding Joy in the Journey’.


My friend Jennifer (well she was a friend before I ate 5 of these babies) made me these cookies, moist and yummy!


From Amie, well she gave me money to buy whatever I wanted so I got this. I am so excited! A new Book of Mormon and a new Journal (with an owl even)


My sweet friend Emily (the first one I made here) left these pretty flowers on my step. With the cutest card!


She thought this card suited me because I bake so much… I love it!


Living next to a Mary Kay lady does have it’s perk’s. Some yummy smelling sparkling body butter and spray.

But the sweetest gift of all! Not just sugar content, one of my little sunbeams (Taylor the T-Rex) brought this over to me. Shane was even happier, he no longer needed to take me for dessert!

I had no idea I would be so spoilt! And I did get my dinner with Shane, we had Thai food:) I feel grateful and blessed! Thank you family, thank you friends, I love you too!

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  1. Natasha IrelandThursday, May 06, 2010

    We are so glad you had a wonderful birthday and got a li' spoiled....u deserve it. :)