Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surprise presents!

Today in the mail Meliah and I received some very great presents!

For me, my true loves

IMG_0183Yes the one bar was opened before anything was taken out of the bag. Melanee you know me well! 

For Meliah,  a outfit that has a picture of her and her bestie Kaleigh


Kaleigh this is a message from Meliah to you!

IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0181

Do you know what she is saying? Because it is true, can you tell that to your mom for me too?

We miss you guys so much, but we have so many memories, your on our minds all the time. Love ya!

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  1. so they don't sell chipits in the states? Glad to hear all is well with you in Utah. I love your blog. ~Tiffany the one from Creston