Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feeling very blessed!

We had our second MacJam on Saturday night. For those of you who don’t know what MacJam is, I will tell you.
Shane had the idea to hold a concert in our house monthly. The last Saturday of each month we have 5-6 musicians booked and invite everyone who will accept the invitation to come and listen. I make some treats of course:)
Last month we had 27 people including our musicians. We had comedy, theatrical, love songs and rock n’ roll. It was awesome, those who came caught the bug and we had no problem filling the roster or finding an audience this month.
This month was fantastic! We counted off the top of our head 50 adults (excluding our family) and 7 awesome artists! The night was amazing, but to me, looking around the room was the highlight.
We moved to Utah 6 months ago, know a few byu students, Shane’s cousin, and Shane’s bosses. This weekend we had over 50 people into our house, people we call friends. How blessed are we?
Here is some pictures of the night:
Our opening act, two of the most adorable performers ever!IMG_0691                                          Once upon a December.
If you want to hear the girls:

Followed by the HOTTEST performer of the evening:)IMG_0702
Followed by Eli Adams (yes even his name rings rock star)IMG_0728 IMG_0726 His proud Father in Law, IMG_0730 The Budge/Adams duoIMG_0746The intermission:IMG_0657 IMG_0658Second act was opened by Devin RappleyeIMG_0770Special appearance by Corey Hart and Prince!IMG_0763IMG_0766(Side note, Devin didn’t realize Corey was not only my hero who I had planned to marry, but also Canadian)
Our Featured Guests:
Dan Thuet: this guy can sing! He writes his own music, amazing:)IMG_0789 As soon as Dan walked in the house, I got a keeper vibe, he is a very friendly guy (and yes young single girls he is adorable!) Once he took me up on supper I knew I would need to keep him in our lives, but when he sang the song about a tantalizing love affair, with his Mom’s cinnamon buns, I LOVED him. Adoption papers are being drawn up, and I am in the process of making him up a room….
Carlie McKinnon and Dan Thuet singing the most amazing rendition of Alleluia (sorry KD Lang they slaughtered you)
And our Karlie IMG_0804 IMG_0805We met Karlie through a friend, and we instantly fell in love with her. She is so talented, writing her own music, and yet so humble and shy about it. God sure knows what He is doing, if I had her talent you would all be hearing me all the time, telling you how good I am:)
Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without our new friends:)IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0681  IMG_0688 IMG_0712 IMG_0738 IMG_0749
It was such a great night, and I just feel so lucky to have so many talented people in our lives. I hope you can all come next month, we will of course have Eli again, I am pretty sure Karlie and Dan will be back, but we also have a violin player coming! How cool is that?

You can check out Dan on myspace:
You can check out Karlie on myspace:


  1. oh man it sounds so great! I can't believe I missed it again. It's in the calender for June. Let me know what I can bring or make. The only thing better than baking is baking with a friend. -Jenny

  2. What a great idea. Vern has the bug too, but he is building a recording studio down in the basement to invite people over to play music and record. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work.

  3. You guys are truly cool! You might even be inching out marcy being in a punk rock band . . . Miss you