Monday, March 19, 2012

Football and Politics…

This is not my usual rant on Football! Generally I have found it frustrating to watch the game, I admit I have been wrong on some points.

It was hard for me to go from small town football, where everyone got to play, to big city where you earned your spot.

I do think Caleb’s could have had a much better freshman year, a freshman playing his hardest and with dedication should not be benched. BUT coaches are not perfect, and time to move on!

So this is the scenario that currently has my panties in a knot…

The Superintendent (from now on shall be known as the Super) requested an audit on our boys football coach, or the football program. Not only was the audit requested, but his job was threatened. Needless to say there was a huge outcry of support, from parents, players and donators.

The critical issues were that he had raised a lot of money (like millions) to help the football program. The district wanted to be sure he was using the funds appropriately. They had reason to believe he had not.

Now a little background,

  • In the past the Coach raised the funds for a astro turf field and a Football center.
  • A player was injured the year before on the field, because of a issue with the field. The Freshman Player received a concussion that caused temporary blindness and he could not attend school for quite a while. The coach was told to find the money himself to fix the field. The district couldn’t afford it. Basically he was told to raise $200,000! From private donors, for something on school property.
  • Coach Wong raised money to build a state of the art training center, where 100 people could train at one time.
  • In May the principal retired and the Super brought in new blood from out of state.
  • The Super requested a fundraising policy be made, there was none before, but with Wong having raised $2,000,000 (rumor, don’t know exact number, but it is around there) he wanted one. A committee was formed, they worked on a policy and presented it, but the Super didn’t like it. Rejected and he started to create one himself (with the school board of course). The Fundraising Policy Committee felt like they wasted their time and that the Super rejected it because he had an agenda that wasn’t being met (their words, not mine).
  • The Super and the New principal McKee request an audit on the books. His job is threatened.
  • McKee assures everyone that Wong is safe and Wong encourages all to work with and respect McKee.
  • The Super quits.
  • The Audit is sealed and private as of the beginning of March.
  • I am contacted for a interview on March 13th in the early afternoon by a reporter.
  • By mid afternoon reports of Wong’s personal gain from funds are ALL over the papers. Yes the audit is still sealed.
  • Late afternoon Wong is given a 30 day suspension without pay, and then will be fired unless he appeals and wins.
  • Outcry and Mayhem occur.

I have learned that the Board wants Wong gone, and no amount of begging and pleading would change their mind. apparently the board does not think they have consequences, it was their Audit department (with the Supers right hand man there of course) who leaked the information. I hope Wong sues the crap out of the board. I hope they DO NOT get re-elected. I personally have emailed them, and they are evasive and seem to not care.

So what did Wong do? He did use the schools account to fix his vehicle and never paid the money back ($600) ummm hello, did anyone ask, I personally have used company accounts to fix my vehicle and if they hadn’t taken it off Shane’s check, I wouldn’t have gone begging to pay. Could it have been to repay for things he had done? Maybe. Did they give him a chance to pay? No, they fired him.

They also found some shoddy book work. By several departments. Was anyone else fired? Nope.

He is in trouble for whoever takes care of the fees not depositing them within 3 days. The financial office was closed for the summer, and he couldn’t deposit them. I was aware this would happen, because I am a genius? No because all the money goes through the office.

He is in trouble for not getting bids on pregame meals, I mean, how selfish of him to feed the kids at the businesses that sponsored the team. I personally think that is the way to do it!

He accepted a $1500 clothing allowance from under armour, so he is in the hot seat for accepting something that could be personal gain. So all you in the corporate world, do not accept the freebies businesses give you to try to win your business, you could be Wonged! (my new word for unfairly fired) (by the way he used some of it auction off at charity auctions and to clothe volunteers, what a selfish guy!)

He used the football account to pay for coaches meals, on trips, probably meetings etc… Gee that sounds corrupt!

Is he perfect? NO!

Does he deserve for his name to be drug through the mud? NO!

Is the school board being unreasonable? Ummm YA!

This coach has aspired for all his coaching years to make good men. You’re the best player, but not being a good person? Hello bench! You’re kind of a crappy player, but need the team, you are on the team.

When my son has struggled with school or life, I know I can count on Wong. He takes the boys aside and talks to them. He mans them up. We begged our son to do better in school. We grounded our son till he did better in school. He did not even try. Coach Wong calls him in, and off he goes to work on his grades.

He is a good man, with good intent and crappy book work skills. (As are many other coaches at the school) and he is fired.

Way to go Provo!

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