Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Hard Parts…

So I LOVE Utah.

I love the friends we have made here, we have so many people that we truly love.

The cheese and milk is SOOOO cheap! I really don’t know how we can ever go back to regular pricing on dairy.

You can get way more car and house for your dollar, not to mention entertainment is far more affordable.

The schools are great… Well the high schools, not 100% sold on the elementary schools… But the options at Jr and High School are amazing.

The church, it is kind of nice not being the minority sometimes. We are practically normal here…

But it is so hard to be away from my family.

Is it weird that it took me two years to decide that?

It makes me so very sad that I cannot help Kat take care of the babies. It makes me so sad that I rarely see my Eli and Ava. Only Will will (that sounds off) give me unlimited hugs, Charlie, Elena and Lincoln think it is far more fun to hide from Auntie… Josie just pretends I am not there, and Sam well he has no choice.

I am 99% sure I will never see either of my remaining grandparents again, Grande Prairie is so far awaySad smile 

I miss my cousins! All them Morrow’s and Doris’s, I have so many memories of growing up with them, and now I don’t know anything that is going on in their lives - except Chriss, she tells me on FacebookSmile

On one hand I cannot imagine leaving Utah, on the other hand I cry thinking of what I am missing.

Am I sacrificing the most important thing in the world for cheap cheese…

Why cannot I have cheap cheese, great schools, free health care and my family? Boo

Pity party should be over by morning…

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  1. I would chose family over cheese anytime!