Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lets play catch! Or shall we say Catch up!

Ya, it has been exactly 1 year, 6 months and 1 day since I last blogged… But hey, I got busySmile

Let us go back in time…

My last blog posting was May on 2012, since then…

Christmas 2011 Cause I missed it, and we had so much fun!

We went to Canada for Christmas this year, our status had to be changed, so we thought we should go during a school break. Of course,  we couldn’t haul much in our car, so we sent Santa a letter telling him we were having Christmas early this year, he was so kind to come early! In fact, he wrote us a letter to let us know he would!

On our Faux Christmas Eve, we reenacted the Nativity story,

I was Mary mary

Caleb was a Wiseman wise man 

Josh a Shepard shepard

For evening entertainment we had a strength competition


Meliah got her favourite present ever! A American Girl Doll that looked just like her.

Meliah and Maleah

We were very blessed Christmas 2011, we had a pretty rough year financially and were not sure how we could manage Christmas. Shane had voted to just cancel it, but some lovely elves were so VERY generous and we were able to have the best Christmas!

Meliah turned 8! Which was very exciting.

First we had a Hello Kitty Rainbow Party.

rainbow partyrainbow cakerainbowcake28 party

We got some pictures taken at the Salt Lake Temple


baptism photo shoot

But most important and special, Meliah was extremely excited to get baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Seriously. This child was over the moon for her special day. We even had some special visitors for the event!


She was baptized on my Birthday! May 5th, but it was fun to share the day with her. We went out for dinner later in the day and had a great weekend.

family baptism

We decided to head down to Zions national park for Memorial day. Guess what happened?

trying to go south The only belt in a trooper broke.

But we did have a lovely ride in a tow truck. tow truck adventures

By the time we made it to Zions it was all full, so we ended up at Bryce Canyon at Ruby’s canyon.


Someday I will find the pictures.


Summer 2012

Meliah and I were SO very lucky to get to go to Canada for over a month! In that time we stayed with my sister in law, with Melanee, with my mom, my sister Kat. Here is a couple pictures of the joy of that visit! We all went up to go house boating, and Meliah and I stayed until Shane came back for the family reunion.

Highlights definitely include breaking down on the way to Canada, on the 4th of July in Idaho… Our time with Grandma Karen and the twins. Houseboating with our little family, and then Meliah and I with Grandma and Grandpa MacKay, Magrath days with the Millers, hanging out with the Sandbergs, and of course Shane taking all of Meliahs clothes to Utah so she had to get all new clothes! hahaha

meliah with Rubyfacepaintoh eclemwork together

(Ruby and Meliah, Nelson Market face painting, Eli the eccentric, Clementine in her life jacket, Cleaning up the log debris so we could boat)

We attempted to go camping for for Fall break… You should take a guess what happened… We left for Zions National park. Super excited, super great dutch oven meals all ready to consume…

fall break

Made it to Santaquin. Yes twenty minutes, until we broke down….

Football Season was awesome this year.

Terann was a Freshman Cheerleader


This was a learning experience. It was great, she loves it and made so many friends!

Just so you know, Cheerleaders, probably work harder than football players. Except they get little respect and are heckled or ignored… So next time you see a cheer leader, give her some love. Chances are she is at practice at 5:30 am everyday 10 months of the year. Pays oodles of money for the privilege, and has several injuries including concussions to show for it.

The boys team won state championship, which is amazing… the final game was seriously in double over time… amazing!

state 2012state ring

Aren’t we looking all American?

all american

We ended up moving December 1st, 2012. It was a crazy fall… With football going until the end of November, us deciding to move into something smaller and cheaper, and Shane's work sending us on a cruise December 9th… it was crazy and fabulous!

The cruise was to Honduras, Belize, Costa Maya and Cozumel Mexico. We had such a great time, and cannot wait to go again!


We stayed home for a lovely steak dinner for Christmas which was the best ever! Shane decided to spoil the kids this Christmas, so got them each something that gave them a huge shock. We try to be frugal at Christmas, we get them something they want, but keep it in a lower price bracket… We didn’t follow that plan, but the reactions were worth it.

happy joshshocked calebterann christmasMeliah and McKenna

2012 was a great year! Lets see what 2013 brings… Oh gosh, seeing's it is almost 2014 I already know, and it has been a ride! Catch ya up on that one later!



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