Friday, November 15, 2013

Thermal Ablation a vein of lies!

I decided it was time to get my veins taken care of, that throbbing, burning thing had grown old.

I went to get assessed and started my treatments on Monday November 11th. They tell you it really doesn't hurt, and maybe comparing the procedure to a crowning baby head, they might be right... It hurt! It felt like they were digging through all my very sore veins... It was horrible!

Here is a video, you don't need to watch the whole 5 minutes, the first 2 minutes pretty much show what it is.

The recovery is a little more painful than I had anticipated, but not bad, I can walk, but it feels like all the blood is rushing to the sore incision spot. And the compression stockings make it hard to move, or wear anything but sweat pants... Non the less, I am getting around more, hobbling a bit, in my sweat pants. So pretty!


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