Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween for our missionary

I really wished I would have taken better photos while doing Elder MacKays latest package. But I guess I thrive on disorganization....

My inspiration came from my friend Mel who did a package for her missionary daughter and Pinterest of course! (hbmackay if you want to follow me)

We started with some cute Cadbury mummies 
Which I know Elder C. Loved! 

Next we took orange tic tacs and printed the print out we found on a blog (trying to find it to give cred)

I covered a Pringles chip containers with Halloween themed paper for Elder Mackay and Elder C, then I filled them with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Each held a dozen.

Next I took Meliah to Wallyworld to fill the box, she picked candy, glow sticks, decorations, ghost marshmallows, eye patch and a clown costume. She was a great resource.

One of my favourite finds was Evil Twin candy, which I added a picture of our twins too

Here is a few assembly pictures

I enlisted my good friend K to make some Halloween cut outs to decorate the box, and it made it adorable! Thanks K! 

There is just something about sending your missionary (or any child away) a package, it warms my heart and fills my soul. It makes me believe 2 years will be over before I know it.

I have to say I was very pleased when I received a letter from Elder M telling me thank you for the package and how good the cookies were. He also mentioned his companion is a new member of the church and was very happy to receive the gifts.

Firstly it made me extremely happy to have listened to my inner voice aka  the Holy Ghost to include his companion. Who said they were the best cookies of his life.

Secondly I was super proud my son finally has learned to say thank you for the gifts I send.

Thirdly with love in my heart, tears in my eyes for both Elders(I cry a lot on Mondays) I immediately ran down to the post office Monday and mailed both Elders. I included a little note for Elder C and carried on with my watery eyes Monday.
You can imagine my happy heart when on Friday I recieved a letter from Elder C thanking me for the love and kindness he got in the Halloween package, he rarely gets anything in the mail and was so appreciative he thanked me a million times. I was so happy I had sent him more cookies, after all the first ones were "Heaven in his mouth"

Moral of the story, I love my missionary and am adopting Elder C. How grateful I am to receive those thoughts in my head that can bring joy to those in need! It isn't that I am special or intuitive or thoughtful, it isn't my thought! It is just that I learned sometime ago that when you get a good thought, it is God needing you to run his errand. And I just get to be a messenger sometimes, I hope I always hear them, and always remember to listen!

P.S. Send missionaries mail...

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