Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun, Fantastic, and UnFair!

Oh what a few days! It’s been full of excitement and frustration and shoes!

We started off with Meliah having a Halloween party! It was 7 little girls in costumes, they ate scary food, played games, trick or treated and watched a Halloween movie.

The girls eating monster toes and drinking swamp water.IMG_2625Chloe (cat), Riley(minnie mouse) and Allison (Punken Princess)IMG_2626Skeleton fingers IMG_2627Anna the ‘dead’ bride eating her frankenstein. IMG_2628Meliah (Minnie Mouse) and Savannah (Tooth Fairy) IMG_2629  The crewIMG_2632Darth Vader   IMG_2635Soya, I love her, what a mom showing up all decked out! IMG_2636The sugar consumption IMG_2637Then on Saturday, we got to go to a BYU Football Game, where something overcame me… I was  cheering machine, jumping, shouting, it was way to much fun!

We celebrated by going to the Bombay House with our good friends John and Jen. YUM! I had the Chicken Coconut Kurma and Garlic Naan Bread….. We then went to the BYU Creamery where I partook of some Bishop’s Bash…. Oh happy day!

Sunday we went out to the Budge’s house to celebrate Monica’s birthday. Oh how I love Monica! She is such a kind hearted woman, she gives gives and then she gives a little more. I was super excited to make her a cake. I made Strawberries and Cream Cake except in true Heather fashion, made it huge. I used 1 1/2 sheet cakes, doubled the berries, doubled the cream cheese  mixture and covered the entire thing with whip cream. I used 1.5 litres of whipping cream! But it was pretty Yummy!

My Monday day went great, I went to run a couple errands and look for some snow appropriate shoes… Well never found any of that but look what I did find!IMG_2640You know sometimes you just have too… it’s like there is no choice in the matter! And when its BOGO! IMG_2644Seriously they fit my cows, I mean calves! I have been looking for a pair of  “Robust” Boots for years, well apparently that is called wide Shaft… and Shoe Carnival had them for $45!!! All you wide Shaft ladies better run and get some! They are loose even!

And then Monday evening hit, and have I ever mentioned, I sometimes HATE team sports….

So here is my CalebCaleb football

Caleb eats sleeps and breathes a love for football. He will play in heat, snow, rain and mud without complaint. You want to see him light up, talk about football. Caleb has been at practice every single day since April. 3-6 pm during the school year, 6am-9am in the summer, 1 week of camp and 2 weeks of double practices. Caleb was told by the head coach of the school that if you want to play your always at football.

So then tell me why, he gets 1 –3 plays a game (for non football fans, that may add up to 45 seconds per game). We talked to to the coach,  Caleb talked to the coach. They admitted that he was getting missed.  And what happens…. diddly squat. Instead of Caleb and other boys who have been there everyday playing, the boys club boys (who have missed practice after practice, even weeks sometimes) get to play the entire game while he and the other boys not in the club watch.

I mean it is freshmen Football! And already these 14 year old boys who come from a ‘Football Line’ get treated superior, whether or not they have the skill to back up the title. I had no idea that we would see politics already.

That my friends is heart breaking for a mother. To see your son losing passion, to see him standing shivering on the sidelines of a game after 6 months of 110% dedication.  To see your son learning that it isn’t always your dedication and your heart that gets you what you want, but who you know

I mean I get that the best players will play more, but at this level, this is where they get experience. This is where they all should play.  Even when the 1st string botches the game, they still stay in, I mean come on, isn’t that what a 2nd string is for, to fill in when the 1st isn’t performing?

This is where they are taught dedication. But instead we now have a several freshmen who think they can act however they want with no consequences, they never learned dedication for the sport or perseverance or team sportsmanship.

Caleb, who has won Most Sportsmanlike and Captain’s Choice for his dedication on his other team, has learned life isn’t fair… He has watched these favoured boys ruin practices, be disrespectful to coaches and team mates, and that there is nothing he can do about it.  And I was not ready for him to get that lesson.

My husband thinks I am insane and need to relax, but I feel terrible that bad coaching decisions has changed the attitude of these young men, jaded them already. Such a shame. How I wish I could have asked them to get there heads out of their rears… but I thought that might be inappropriate. In fact the only reason I can blog about it, is because I know my kids would rather do anything than read my blogs!

Now, disclaimer, I know coaching is a taxing thing and without coaches we wouldn’t have teams. And Caleb’s coaches are not terrible people, in fact I am sure they are wonderful men, but it wasn’t the benched kids who missed practices and goofed off at practices and decided they were better than the other kids, it was the coaches that made that choice, and announced it loud and clear by favouring those very kids who were breaking down the team…

Growing up sucks sometimes!

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  1. Im also a sucker for animal print. I have sunglasses with a zebra print. Love the boots too.
    good hauls!