Saturday, September 3, 2011

The facts of life…

Some things in life are just facts.

No matter what, they don’t change.

1) Sandwiches always taste better cut in 4.

2) If you can sleep in, you never do.

3) If you cannot sleep in, you really could.

4) If you broke, all things break or need repair.

5) NAFTA free trade work permits, are silly. You cannot obtain one if you have any intention of staying. Unfortunately once you live in the US, it hurts to think of leaving. And not just because of the dairy prices. Or the housing prices. I really like the people! (I know Kat who would have thought)

6) If you don’t buy something because the price is high, when you go back next time, it will be even higher. Hello no Bacon.

7) Teenagers are crazy. They can love you and they can hate you. And sometimes all in the same day.

8) Men and women are polar opposites… Men have hardly anything floating through their heads, and we have millions of things swirling and festering.

9) My children destroy all my vacuum cleaners. Pick up the paper and sequence please.

10) Red heads are far more stubborn than any other head.

1 comment:

  1. AMEN Heather - amen...especially to number 10! (And I didn't mean to make that rhyme!)