Sunday, August 14, 2011

For her children...

I had originally planned on blogging about the opportunity I had to cater the food for a wedding. All desserts even!

But as I read my blog list, I instead sit in tears. Tears of support or sadness I am not sure yet.

My very good friend G has been battling cancer for a few months. She is doing great as far as things are looking good.

But the cancer has not just reeked havoc on her body, it has played with the minds of her children and distorted how she looks.

G is gorgeous, she works out hard, she takes time in her grooming to look her best. She isn't a high maintenance look though, she is a definite natural beauty. Currently she is bald as a que ball (she says has freakish sprouts), puffy face, no eyelashes, red patches of dry skin, and thinning brows. She doesn't like to see her self. Who would really? I feel for her having no choice in how she looks. But I know she would rather look like crap for a while and raise her children.

What really hurts my heart is her poor babies. They are confused and scared. Are they going to get cancer? Are they going to die? Is there mommy going to die? I feel for G, how do console them? Comfort them?

When I pray for her I pray more for her kids... I pray that their mommy will beat the breast cancer. Not just beat it, but kick the crap out of it. I pray that they will be comforted. I pray that they will adjust well and not be greatly affected by these circumstances around them. I pray that their hearts will be light.

Maybe you can pray for them too?

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