Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A full heart…

Life has been having plenty of adventures lately. We have had our lives touched by Cancer, Death and Love.

I have so much that I could talk about, but I just want to talk about one thing.


With the world so full of hate, war and destruction, love and compassion prevail. How grateful I am for all those in the world that see hardship and heart break and then immediately jump in to help make it better.

I have a friend like this, she is the most generous person I have ever met. She gives and gives without asking. She doesn’t need attention or a show of her kindness she just does.

Recently she found out one of my friends lost her husband. She doesn’t know this friend, she will never meet her, but immediately she made plans for a gift for her. She does not question whether she should, she just does. She just acts out of love.

I believe that when we have a notion to do good, it isn’t from us, it is God giving us a gentle nudge to help one of his children. How it warms my heart to know I have a friend who doesn’t even attend a church regularly, that feels those nudges so often, and is so receptive to acting upon them.

I want to be more like her. May we all put others first a little more often and act upon those gentle nudges a little more quickly.

Thanks for being such a great example Chantal! (haha you thought I wasn’t going to mention a name!)

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