Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 Fabulous things about 2010!

10. Macjam, MacJam is way more fun than I imagined (I admit I thought it would be lame, but wanted to support Shane!) MacJam ROCKS!IMG_1080

9. Utah – we love living in Utah.IMG_1206

8. Moab- Tanya and her family came down and we had so much fun hiking in Arches National Park.Delicate

7. Using our Air miles for our awesome new camera. I love free. (be sure to note how fat I am in this photo)IMG_1195

6. Winning 4 blog contests (technically 5, but I didn’t claim one of the prizes). Winning is fun, but winning things you love is even better! I would love this trend to stay for 2011!IMG_2651


5. Shane! Not only are we at a great spot, but that guy ran a freaking marathon! Seriously 26.2 miles is far! (He is hot)IMG_2498

4. I got to go to almost everyone of the boys football games. I missed 1 of Josh’s and 1 of Caleb’s.Caleb football

josh tackling

3. I got to see my baby sister have a baby, and then stay to teach her how to bath Ava and all that fun stuff. Even if I had to share a couch with a disgusting chicken, it was worth it.IMG_2531

2. Eli loves me… I love to be an Aunty, and I love that my nephew will skype me and just show me things. Sends his mom away to bake cookies and shows me all his toys… I love it!Heather and Meliah

1. I love 40 pounds in 2010! That rocks!MJH_3189Heather 2

There is more I know, but don’t want to go on forever!

What’s your top ten?


  1. You're Beautiful!