Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog contests…

The blog world is an interesting world! I myself enjoy reading blogs that leave me feeling enriched, having left me with an uplifting thought or a new idea or even a big smile.

Last summer I seen a posting on Facebook about  a contest win a photo-shoot. To enter you needed to follow the blog, which I did and I won! This is really what opened the door for me to the blogging world. I started following a few blogs and entering more contests.

I have thus far, as of tonight won 5 blog contests.

  1. Photo Shoot - Ashley Lowder 
  2. Family Necklace - We talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ or Chocolate on my Cranium they did a month of giveaways together to celebrate the Proclamation to the Family. I don’t remember which blog was my lucky one!
  3. Teen Chore Reward Coupons -My Heart and Home
  4. 25 Professionally Designed Christmas Cards- Ashley Lowder (I know what are the chances)
  5. Free purse of my choice - Envy my Cooking

What I have learned?

  1. I never follow blogs that are only for winning products. Generally these blogs are making money from promoting the items. I don’t find them enjoyable, its seems like a constant sales pitch. Boring plus the chances of winning would be slim.
  2. If it feels like work to enter, maybe skip it. Blog reading should be fun, entering a contest is also for fun, don’t let it become work.
  3. Set up a Blogger Account and add blogs you like to your list. Then when you have some time and want to read your favourite blogs, you just go to your account and all your updated blogs will be listed.
  4. Often your favourite blogs will provide links to other blogs, check them out. It is a great way to find some great blogs. I have found my favourite blogs by following those little oddly colored links.
  5. Comment! I love to get comments, and I often get comments or emails from the authors of blogs I commented on. I feel like I am friends with some of the bloggers I follows.
  6. Blogging opens up the world! You are able to see more of the world, learn new skills and get to know how other people function in their lives.

My favourite blogs:

Rabbit in the Head Lights this woman cracks me up! She is the first one I look for when checking my updated list. I find myself in Costco checking out dried Mangoes (to cheap to buy them however) and saying Hello Lover to all the samples… You have to check her out!

Envy my Cooking – Great recipes from real people, they also show readers updated kitchens. They have several fun contests each month. I would recommend checking them out.

Seriously so Blessed – poking fun at Mormon/Utah culture. Basically someone is portraying the most stereo typical young high maintenance LDS mom there is. It is very humorous, and be prepared for some LBL while reading (and during sacrament when you see some of the scenario’s being acted out). Oh LBL? Light Bladder Leakage (Thanks Danielle)

Bakerella – she is my cake pop Guru, great tips, great ideas, she is the my idol!

Cake Wrecks – Photo’s of professional cakes gone bad!

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ – great idea’s for raising LDS children and living on less. I have gotten many great idea’s from her blog. Cannot wait for my birthday (you’ll see why in May).

Simple Inspiration – I also really enjoy this blog, just a warm homey blog.

What are you favorite blogs?


  1. I love most of those blogs that you mentioned. I've never been to Envy my Kitchen and I can only take Seriously So Blessed in small doses. It is probably a good thing that I don't live in Utah!

    I only enter blog contests if I have been a commenter on the blog before and if I haven't won anything in awhile. I suppose it doesn't really matter but I like to think I am being more fair that way.

    I've won a couple of things lately too...a mad libs book, tie-buddies and a print of the 13th Article of Faith from We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ. It feels so good when you win!

    By the way Heather...when are you doing a big giveaway so I can add your blog to the ones I've won something on?

  2. PS Those purses are lovely! Good luck choosing one...

  3. I actually am trying to come up with what to do a draw for, I want it to be something I would love to receive!!

  4. You too! Thank you for the "blog love" and to call it homey and warm: the perfect compliments. Thank you.

    I have loved getting to know people through blogging and emails. It enriches my life.

  5. I am going to consult that list when I need to read some blogs.

    PS. I made your enchillada dish last week for family. It was a big hit. I will totally make it again. I made two pans. One with the green sauce and the other with red sauce. I still haven't decided which one I liked better.