Sunday, February 13, 2011

My daughter rocks!

Terann found a shirt from Papaya that she wantedc72139_4501

But she didn’t have enough money for it… she scrounged around for loose change, but was still short.

Yes I could have given her a $1, but we are trying to get away from buying things just because we want them.

She convinced her dad to give her his only plain white tee. She got our her scissors, charcoals, sharpie, fabric, needle and thread and made it herself. I don’t think she is quite done, but I am sharing the picture anyways.IMG_3212

Isn’t she awesome?


  1. Good for her! I think that's awesome. Also, buying things just because you want them can turn into such an awful habit... you buy them, then your preferences or needs change, then you don't use them, and you're out the money. This was a good reminder for me!