Monday, February 28, 2011

EWWWWW…. The Tale of a new Vacuum….

I have been wanting a new vacuum for awhile. We got a cheap one when we moved here, but the kids sucked up paper and other assorted wrong items… needless to say it didn’t last long! Constant problems!

I started to look into different kinds, I borrowed a friends Dyson. Great cleaning but I it was a little pricey for me and there was a couple things that bugged me. My sister recommended I get the Bissell pet, she has had one for a long time with 2 huge shedding dogs.

Also, I have trouble pulling the trigger on anything that costs more than $24.99, so I waited. I waited. Then I waited some more. Until one day, while we were doing chores, the vacuum broke a belt (a belt I had just replaced) so I threw a tantrum and went to the Sears online store and bought one…

3 hours later I vacuumed and it was disgusting. I did a 6 foot X 6 foot area 3 times. Then I gave up and began to look forward to buying a house again and not having carpet.

Vacuum session 1hairball 3

Vacuum session 2 hairball 2

Vacuum Session 3 hair ball 3

And still this much dirt!IMG_3278

This is where I quit, gave up and thought about wood floors…


  1. I refuse to even think abotu what I would get out of MY carpets... EEEWWWWWW and double eeeewwwww!

    What kinds of vacuum did you end up buying?

  2. I ended up getting Bissell Lift-off® Multicyclonic Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It is only $150 with tax if you buy it online from sears, but is a little more anywhere else or in the store. So I just bought it online and it was ready to pick up an hour later.

  3. that's sick. you should just get pigs instead! They don't shed!

  4. That is the thing, it is the dirt that bothers me... we were getting hairy globs before we had a dog! At least those white hairs I know where they come from, but where is all the dirt coming from?

  5. This is a little gross... lol

  6. No one should expose their dirt in public… lol