Monday, April 12, 2010

I love my momsy!

Every once in a while I get a little emotional, and apparently this is one of those days. For whatever reason this morning I have a over whelming sense of gratitude towards my mom.

My mom was unable to be the traditional stereo typical mom. There was no apron wearing bread making in our house. She raised 3 girls as a single mother. Working hard, making mistakes and teaching us there is more to life than money and reform.

As a mother, I have a great respect for all that my mom did for me. She has a great sense of guilt for mistakes she made, not really sure what those mistakes were, I am sure there was some. I make them all the time too! That's what motherhood is, learning as you go, doing the best with what you have. There is no perfect plan or instruction manual.

My mom was unable to provide us with designer labels and a whole lot of structure. But what she did provide us with is far more valuable. My mother taught me to be free, to follow my heart, to follow my own path and create my own destiny, to be 100% me. I know that there is no one better than I, I am of infinite worth and should be treated that way by those who surround me. I know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I have no limits. I know that I am beautiful, strong and independent. I know that I am loved by a strong, beautiful and independent mother.

What more can you ask of a mother? Mom I love you and will always be grateful for you and all you have taught me. Thank you momsy!

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