Monday, February 1, 2010

Oops! I am not as smart as I thought!

I am Canadian. Always have been, always will be. I love my country, the green beauty, the space, and the lack of people. But for now I live in America, and I love it!

We moved to Utah in December of 2009 for Shane to do some work with a Utah company. We were pretty excited, what a fun adventure! What a grand opportunity for us and our children. When we packed up our belongings and moved down here, we also brought with us many stereo types and all kinds of preconceived notions. That have generally all been proven false... oops!

Incorrect Notion #1 all Utah women are Molly Mormons who do everything from scratch.
Actual - People don't really cook here! Understand this is not a judgement. It is really cheap to buy preprepared meals that you just heat and serve, and I know how busy I can get with my family activities, so it makes sense. On a busy day why not serve garlic toast and lasagna that will be ready in minutes instead of a hot dog and yellow death (macaroni and cheese). The draw back of course is convenience comes at a price, and on this issue the price is that a lot of people do not know how to cook. Another interesting Utah factoid is that cereal is an appropriate meal for any time of day... I actually really like that one.

Notion #2 all Utah women have back combed hair and wear headbands....
Actual - well that was way off, I generally have been the only one sporting a headband (LULULEMON of course) and I have only seen 2 heads of backcombed hair since I got here... One was more like a beehive and one was just plain puffy... No sign of a Bump It anywhere. So all in all I was completely wrong on that one!

Notion #3 all Utah people love Jello Salad...
Actual - I don't even think they sell Jello anymore (well that's a joke) I haven't seen it, no one is producing Jello in copious amounts, so again... WRONG!

Notion #4 I might not like it here.
Actual - I LOVE it! Whats not to love, it has everything you could want (minus poutine and trees). My kids get to take amazing classes at school - Dance, drafting, programming, its endless! Terann takes after school art and hip hop, $20 a year! The early morning choiri is free:) Lunches are between $1.75 and $2.25 per day, they love them and I save time and money. The temples are right here, all the shopping I could want, and CHEAP DAIRY! What more could we ask for?

There were of course other notions, but Luckily I live in a great area and those issues are not really here. So I will save them for a later confession!

For now I need to go be a Molly Mormon and make some things from scratch and clean my house, because I apparently am more from Utah than all the locals...

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