Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Debbie Downer!

I recently purchased a lovely new computer. It is purple and fast and completely lovely! I bought my new computer (which I think I need to name... better think on that) to do some schooling and to do some blogging. I think blogging is a excellent way to get your thoughts out, relieving your mind of all the swirling thoughts, and at the same time keep your mind actively remembering the English language and how to use it... So as I sit her with my new $900 project, I guess I better use it!

I have been drifting through my house realizing that for whatever reason I am being a big baby! I feel blue, none of friends have called me since we moved, I feel used, my family does not seem to appreciate me, I feel lonely, I feel sick, I feel tired, blah blah blah blah! Boy what a Debbie Downer am I!

Realistically, my friends never call. There are callers and callee's you generally are one or the other. I am the caller, so why would I be whining 600 miles away that they haven't called. Have I called them? Nope....

My family is my family, exactly how I raised them.... do they NOT appreciate me? Maybe, but it could be just that I am unhappy right now and projecting? It does bug me that I rarely get a thanks for dinner or the other wifely things I do, but really how often do I thank them... Maybe it is something we can work on together. How to appreciate one another 101. It could possibly be that they are avoiding me because I am acting like I have permanent PMS... snappy, cranky and just plain old grumpy! Gee I wonder why they are not hanging out with me!

I do feel lonely, but most likely because I just moved, haven't had a lot of adult conversation and have done absolutely nothing! Lazy! And maybe if I got off my lazy butt and went to the gym maybe I would feel better about myself, maybe make some friends and maybe have the energy to do some of the things I am procrastinating.

I do feel sick, I am sick!

I guess the point that my ramblings are trying to say is, enough Debbie Downer, you make your life what it is, and you are making it depressing...

5 good things to say:
I love where we live.
I love our home.
I love the time we can now spend together.
I love when my husband laughs.
I love when my kids are happy, which they seem to be.
I love life!
Oops that was six!

I guess life really isn't as bad as I try to make it out to be:)

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