Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do I dare…

I just realized I am a scardie cat…

I got an email a couple weeks ago from a good friend, I honestly thought it would be a prego announcement or new address announcement as it was a group message on facebook.

My friend has breast cancer. Instantly my heart broke for her, for her family. For her parents, how can your babies be sick? How that must feel, I never want to know. For her children who will have to grow up a lot over the next year, part of their childhood is stolen. For her husband, I cannot even put into words how I imagine that news would affect a spouse.

My first thought was what can I do. How can I help, I am 14 hours away, clearly physically I cannot.

I arranged a necklace to be designed and sold to benefit her family, I helped with a couple auctions.

Of course, really I am being chicken, afraid to do what I have wanted to do. My first reaction was, well when she goes bald, so do I. I will shave my head to make her have a good needed laugh and to help her with her expenses.

I am actually excited about the bald thought, it will be interesting, and accessorizing… What I am afraid of is not meeting my goal. I have never met a goal in my entire life. Can I actually raise enough money to help her feel beautiful again?

You see I am not talking hair. I am talking about the fact that she is afraid to look at herself, she hates that he tummy now sticks out further than her chest. My friend needs a new boob… (That’s what her and her kids call it)

I need to raise enough money to give her a regular, womanly chest. Ya scoff if you wish, then envision yourself without one. Call if vanity if you will, but our breasts (or boobies) is what defines us in many ways. The sisters help us look good, they nurture our babies, they help us rule the worldWinking smile

Which brings me to the fact, I have been skirting, I am afraid to fall short of my “boobie” goal. I like to think I put it off because someone else is shaving their head already… but that is just another fib, like the ones I tell my self about cookies are not a problem, when actually they are more like crack cocaine to a hooker. I am afraid to take a leap and push for it…

As I have with so many  other things….

So this is what I have to say. I Heather Brandi MacKay will raise $3000 to buy my friend Geneva a new boobie… Unless she decides to use it towards her medical expenses… Once I have raised the $3000, I will be having a party, and I will be shaving my head on skype… for Geneva to see!

If anyone hears of a boobie sale, do let me knowSmile 

Better run, I need a cookie!

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  1. Heather, you cracek me up! A boobie sale? I was thinking I have enough boobie for 4 woman, so I wonder if like a kidney transplant if they do boobie transplants? Can you look into that- Maybe she can have some of my boobie. Like a boobie reduction- maybe if we get 4 woman to donate part of their boobie we can make a really nice boobie for Geneva. I love you!

  2. Oh my god I giggled and cried at the same time when I read this. You are so funny!!! I have more than enough boobie to share!! Is that possible!?!?