Sunday, August 22, 2010

A bit of August…

Summer has been a blur, and thought I better some August blogged before the kids start school on Tuesday!

Football has gone on all summer, it started June 7th 6am – 8:30 am practices 2 days a week. They had a football camp in July followed by a week off. (the boys went to scout camp for their week off) when football started up again, it was 5 days a week at 6am.

After a couple weeks of that, two a day practices started! Crazy, but the boys love it. They had their first scrimmage.

You can see Caleb number 61 walking on the field, but one of the things that amazed me is look at their portable water fountain. It’s the blue trailer! How cool is that?Caleb and water thing

You can see my baby Josh tackling in this photo, #59Josh Tackling This photo is off the Freshman and Sophomore teams. Huge hey!Huge team! Beautiful field and grand stands!

I also enlisted Terann to help with a birthday/farewell cake I was asked to do.ThisIMG_1684This book of Mormon, was clearly obviously ugly, but I wanted to try it… Next time I will do it differently. Lemon poppy seed cake with a lemon butter cream frosting.

Terann did all the decorations out of modeling chocolate.IMG_1687The cake is peanut butter with a peanut butter whip cream filling (peanuts and white chocolate grated on) peanut butter icing and marshmallow fondant. IMG_1689IMG_1690

Next time back to school photo’s:) 

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  1. Oh wow! Sweet cake! I'm very impressed!

    And I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on my post about family planning yesterday!